Wildfire Support

As a member of Oregon communities since 1973, Umpqua Research Company has close ties to many areas of the state that have recently been ravaged by wildfires. With so many homes and properties damaged or destroyed, safe drinking water might not be the first concern of affected families. In the first place, we want to remind people that damaged water lines allow environmental contaminants to enter the water system, and in the second place, even water systems that are not obviously damaged can be impacted by exposure to high temperatures. We strongly encourage testing for bacteria and volatile organics in cases where your water source or system was damaged or threatened by the recent wildfires. In an effort to support our local communities, we are offering the recommended tests at significantly reduced prices. Please use the links below to get contact information for the lab nearest you. Please call if you have questions about what to do prior to sampling or what additional sampling you should consider.


Bend, OR Myrtle Creek, OR Pendleton, OR


Bacteria Test VOC Test
$25.00 $125.00